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How It Works

When you need money quickly, we can help find fast lenders who will process your cash right away. Le’t help you get started today!

  • Fill in an online inquiry form so that we can send it off for a fast review. When it is accepted by a lender, you’ll receive an offer to sign and accept.
  • Take a look at the loan offer to confirm that you want to go ahead with the loan process. You’re not obligated to sign it unless it’s what you want.
  • After signing the final contract, your lender will take care of your money. When it’s been processed and prepared, you are free to take it and spend it for anything.

More About Our Free Service

From beginning to end, we want you to understand how the online loan process works. The more you are clear on the steps involved, the better you can make a decision. Read on to find out more.

Flexible Credit Types

When you send us your online inquiry form, we’ll be happy to refer it to lenders who are flexible with many credit types. Whatever credit type you have, you can send us your request today! Let our lenders review it and get back to you!

Fast Request Form

When you need money quickly, don’t bother with lenders who want you to jump through hoops, answer a million questions or drag out the inquiry process. Let us help you with our short inquiry form that is so simple that it only takes minutes to complete!

Privacy with SSL Encryption

We go to great lengths to be sure that the form you send us is totally protected from prying eyes. When encrypted with SSL technology, it is totally safe.

Bad Credit Rating? It’s OK!

No one wants to earn a bad credit score, but it still happens. If you ever paid your bills late or missed a few payments, you most likely have a poor credit rating. A bad credit rating won’t affect your lifestyle too much, that is, until you want to get credit or take out a loan. A traditional loan company, such as a bank, will frown upon a bad credit type and won’t be likely to approve such a request.

The good news is that online lenders look at bad credit consumers differently, and are more likely to grant such an inquiry. That is for good reason. Online lenders are more interested in your financial situation today and your ability to repay the loan than in your past credit history. If you can prove that you have adequate income and that you are able to pay your bills, online lenders might accept your loan request.

To find out more about how you can get a fast loan, submit your inquiry form to Spike Loans.

Getting an Online Loan

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Get your money and use it without restrictions

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