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What are bad credit loans?

If a consumer has a poor credit history but needs a fast loan, it’s possible to request an online bad credit loan. Unlike going into a bank, online lenders won’t turn a person who has bad credit away. They will do a quick review of the inquiry form and make a loan decision based on their own criteria. Basically, it’s a way for people with bad credit to get an easy loan.

How are bad credit loans handled – what are the steps?

The process to get a bad credit loan is similar to getting any type of online loan. You go online, complete an inquiry form and send it to Spike Loans. We will share your request with our expanded list of online lenders. When you receive a loan offer from one of them, you can sign it and get the money to spend in any way that you desire. The loan is paid back in monthly payments.

Are multiple bad credit loans allowed at the same time? I have one already, but I’d like to get another one.

The best way to find out is to check with your lender. If your lender agrees to prepare an additional loan for you, you’ll still need to find out the laws regarding this in the state where you’re living. Laws between states can vary.

Can bad credit loans be refinanced?

If you have a bad credit loan but you want to refinance it, speak with your lender. In many cases the answer is yes, but your lender will give you the full details.

Are documents necessary to get a bad credit loan?

The documents that are usually required for requesting a bad credit loan online are: • Active bank account in your name • Government issued ID, such as a driver’s license • Valid email address • Proof of your current income Depending on your situation, your lender may ask you to provide further documentation, but you will be notified in that case.

I’m afraid I might miss a payment. What will happen in that case?

If you miss a payment or think you might miss one, discuss this with your lender right away. Work out a solution to either make up the payment you missed or to manage one that you might have trouble paying. However it is worked out, you should expect to pay a late fee.

How do we make payments on bad credit loans?

This is a question you can ask your lender after you have signed a loan contract. You will receive a payment schedule and possibly different options for payment. The most usual method of payback is by going to your bank and asking for an automatic payment option from your bank account. When this method of repayment is used, you don’t have to worry about forgetting a payment! If it’s easier, you can sometimes pay by cash by going into a specified storefront and making the payment.

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