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About us

At Spike Loans, we understand that consumers can run out of money just when they need it the most. There might be too many bills to pay, investment opportunities with a sensitive deadline, ballet classes for a well-deserving child or unexpected medical expenses. There is no end to the reasons you might be looking for a fast loan today. We don’t need to know why you’re in need of a loan and we won’t ask, but we will help you find a willing lender.

Get the money you need

It would be great if you could wait to pay bills until you get your next salary, but that isn’t always possible. If you need cash today, we want to help you get it as quickly as possible.

Fast service available

When we receive your request for a bad credit loan, we’ll let our lenders know right away. They are very fast to make a fast decision and will let you know.

Never a hidden fee

When you sign a loan offer, your lender will let you know what all the charges are. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. Rest assured that all the fees are listed clearly for your review.

Benefits of online personal loans

Flexible Acceptance

Online loans give you the freedom and flexibility you deserve. With online lenders, even consumers with bad credit have a good chance at being accepted for a fast loan. While traditional lenders have strict rules about credit types, online lenders are more lenient and willing to accept requests from many credit types. The entire loan process goes very quickly.

Smooth and Fast

When you send your online inquiry form to Spike Loans, you’ll notice right away how simple the loan process is. We don’t ask for a lot of forms to be filled out or stacks of paperwork for you to read through. We want your loan experience to go smoothly without a lot of red tape or hassles to deal with. Let us help you today!

Borrowing Made Simple

From the first step of sending in your inquiry form until you get your cash is all very fast. Not only that, but you can begin the process at any time. Whether it’s during your morning coffee break or the middle of the night, you can spend a few minutes reaching out to our team with your request form. We will be fast to forward it to our lenders so you can get an answer as quickly as possible.

Have any questions left? Get your answers now!

What’s the best way to find out if I can get a bad credit loan?

You will find out quickly after you submit your online inquiry form to us at Spike Loans. We’ll share it with the lenders on our list. After a fast review, you might get a loan offer from one of them. If you accept the offer and sign it, you can be on your way to fast cash!

How are the payments on bad credit loans made?

After signing a loan offer, your lender will arrange your funds and give you payment instructions. You might have options, but the typical payment methods are either setting up an automatic transfer through your bank account or paying by cash at a local storefront.

When will my loan payments be due?

Most loans are repaid in simple, monthly payments. When you sign your contract and get the money, your lender will provide you with a payment schedule. If you have any questions about the due dates, speak with your lender.

When I get the money, what can I use it for?

You can use the cash for anything you want. There are no restrictions, so go to your list of urgent expenses and begin paying them off!

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